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Action, Comedy, Seinen

Omega Complex

Nevada, 1987. 10 years after the end of the nuclear war, the country has been rebuilt. Nevertheless, thousands of civils are still irradiated. Fortunately the government developed a treatment : the G.H.O.S.T. (Gray-Human-Omegon-Synthetised-Treatment). By using it, a human being can slow down the effects of radiation on his body, but at the same time he begins to control them. That’s how men who are able to use G.H.O.S.T. to acquire incredible abilities are appearing. They are called Erynies. At 23-years-old, Kama is a low-ranking bounty hunter who owns a slum in a shantytown where the irradiated people too poor to afford the G.H.O.S.T. are living. His main activity is to hunt Erynies. One day, he is asked to capture a young woman: Ananke, the leader of an extremist group which stole an H bomb in a military base. Its utilisation on the territory could mean the end of the fragile peace for the planet. But for 50 millions dollars, Kama won’t be the only one looking for Ananke: he is going to face the greatest bounty hunters among other dangerous people.
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08 Oct, 2017
Omega Complex 13
29 Sep, 2017
Omega Complex 12
13 Sep, 2017
Omega Complex 11
22 Jun, 2012
Omega Complex 10
09 Mar, 2012
Omega Complex 9
03 Nov, 2011
Omega Complex 8
18 Aug, 2011
Omega Complex 7
18 Aug, 2011
Omega Complex 6
03 May, 2011
Omega Complex 5
03 May, 2011
Omega Complex 4
10 Mar, 2011
Omega Complex 3
13 Jan, 2011
Omega Complex 2
13 Jan, 2011
Omega Complex 1 - Pulsar
24 Jan, 2011
Omega Complex 0